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RAS Equipment Case Study


AM Defence & Marine were approached by a shipyard to offer a RAS solution for two tankers being converted from merchant ships into naval refuelling ships. The expectation of the client was the delivery of diesel fuel to receiving ships at a rate of 50 cubic metres per hour. There was also a requirement for the delivery of fresh water to vessels during a rafted up transfer.

The AM Defence & Marine project team visited the country and met with the shipyard and Naval architect responsible for the conversion. During these meetings a broad outline of the package requirements was drawn up. This was subsequently revised over a period of a number of months to suit both the end users’ requirements and the budget for the project.

The final package delivered for each ship consisted of an astern reel fuelling system with 120 metres of 2 ½” hose fitted to an electric winch and a fresh water rig delivered using the ships’ existing deck crane. The astern reels were equipped with pig launchers for hose blow down after use and the AM Defence & Marine designed 2 ½” hose fitting complete with pig catcher. As part of the package a number of breakable spools were supplied for the receiving ships to allow for emergency breakaway. Both systems were delivered complete with all signalling equipment and ancillary fittings to enable them to be used safely and efficiently.

As part of the package AM Defence & Marine provided operational manuals for the equipment as well as a training package and manuals to allow the teaching of the ships’ staff in the entire process of replenishment at sea, which was a new capability to this navy.

The tight deadlines requested by the client required the equipment to be delivered in less than six months from order and this meant that each of the 5 tonne winches were sent by air freight to country.

The team attended site for the commissioning of the equipment, SAT and training and offered technical support during the entire process.

The company philosophy of end to end project management ensures that the right equipment and support was delivered at the right time, meeting the client’s needs and supporting them through the entire process.

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