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Marine Lifting Equipment

With our catalogue of marine lifting equipment, you can have complete confidence. Every shackle, sling and chain carries the right certification for lifting duties, in marine environments – and has been carefully selected by our experienced marine lifting team.

Certified marine lifting equipment

Where your inspection reveals replacement equipment is needed, we can get you the parts, quickly – so the ship can continue to run smoothly.

The marine lifting equipment in our catalogue includes:

Easy inspection management

If you employ colour coding to denote inspection status of your lifting equipment, we’ll supply equipment with the correct colour tags.

And if you use LEMS to manage your annual inspections and five-year tests, we’ll automatically update your system with every item you buy, so there’s no chance of an item being missed on the next inspection.

Having the right lifting equipment, easily managed and all in one place, saves a lot of time and risk.

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