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Lifting Equipment Management System

LEMS, our computer-based Lifting Equipment Management System, was developed by us in order to make it easy for our clients to keep track of the inspection status of their lifting equipment.

Each item of equipment is logged onto a database by our engineers which shows at a glance, a description, the location, the safe working load and when the next mandatory test/thorough examination is due.

The system can output reports about the equipment as well as valid test certificates which fully meet the current legal requirements. We provide our clients with either CDROM or internet access to their database.

When implementing LEMS for the first time, a thorough site survey is carried out in order to ascertain which equipment is in need of a valid test certificate. If an item has a valid certificate, the equipment is inspected. If not, it is tested and inspected, and a new certificate is issued.

All the survey information is then entered into our database, and a read only copy issued to our clients, enabling them to access information about all their equipment at the touch of a button. Our reminder system prompts our clients when inspections and tests are required. It is essential to act on these reminders in order to keep equipment operating legally.

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