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Our team of specialised naval engineers work with shipbuilders to draw up, interpret and fulfil rigging warrants and bills of materials, to DEFSTAN and MIL standards. Meanwhile, our experienced riggers understand the special challenges aboard a navy ship.

Increasingly, shipbuilders working on a new or refitted vessel will ask us not only to supply parts to NATO stock numbers, but to create an entire rigging warrant package, satisfying all the relevant defence and legislative standards.

This pack can include a full bill of materials and documentation, complete and ready for the ship’s record systems.

Experienced rigging warrant advice

Our experience working aboard military vessels in particular means we’ll specify equipment that’s best suited for naval use – for example, selecting ropes to optimise weight and space as well as capacity and cost.

And because we manufacture so much naval equipment in-house, we intuitively understand the right dimensions and connections to ensure everything fits easily first time – and gives long, reliable service.

A specialised, naval rigging team

We’re also well known for our team of experienced naval riggers. It’s a trade where there are no shortcuts, so we invest the time our team need to develop their own, specialist skills.

Backed by specialist technical experts, our rigging team is always aware of the defence standards and specifications that apply to each task, system, and piece of equipment – giving you confidence that everything is in order.



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