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Working At Height


Almost a third of all workplace fatalities involve falls from high places – so safety training is essential for regulatory compliance and your own duty of care to anyone working at height. It’s most effective delivered in your real environment, with your own equipment.

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 were a response to reduce the accident toll, and the HSE have made height safety a priority ever since. You need risk-assessed practices, the right equipment, safe rescue procedures and – crucially – people who are properly trained to use it all.


Height safety training – delivered at height

Wherever possible, we’ll deliver practical elements of your course in the real environment where candidates will be working. We’ve trained people on factory roofs, up ferry masts, and on real lifeline equipment.

This is not just theory, or learning how to use similar gear. It’s showing exactly where and how to connect and use your own safety equipment, and how to do the real job safely, every day.




We can train up to eight people at a time, on your site. No prior knowledge, experience or training are needed, but candidates should be physically and mentally capable of working at height. For obvious reasons, these courses aren’t suitable for anyone suffering with vertigo, sudden blackouts, or similar conditions.

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