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Super Yachts

A superyacht is a unique environment that demands an experienced specialist. We are delighted to work on most of the world’s largest vessels – both directly, and through leading yacht management firms.

Testing lifting equipment aboard a superyacht is a very specialised kind of marine engineering; engineers need to be tactful, observe etiquette, and treat their environment with the utmost respect. And superyacht design naturally prioritises leisure areas, so access and space for lifting operations, testing and inspections can be a challenge.

Experience has its benefits

Our engineers test lifting equipment on many of the world’s largest superyachts, so we appreciate the sensitivities of the role – and we have also developed our own methods to conduct effective tests in technical areas where space is tight and headroom limited.

Yachts can be required to move at a moment’s notice. So we work flexibly with superyachts to fit fast-changing sailing plans, and we’re regularly present in popular superyacht centres like Barcelona, Florida and the South of France – enabling us to divide travel costs among a number of vessels.

Saving time, money and worry

Our marine lifting engineers are multi-skilled, and accredited to test LSAs, means of access and height safety equipment alongside your lifting plant – saving further time and expense.

Every ship we test receives a copy of our industry-leading LEMS system, making it simple to track the testing and inspection status of each piece of lifting equipment on board.

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