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Over decades, we’ve built a name for helping navies, armies and defence contractors to overcome engineering challenges around lifting, towing, rigging and replenishment at sea.

From supplying compliant parts based upon their NATO stock number to designing and installing multi-ship RAS systems, we’re delighted that our clients have come to rely upon us for quality, competence, and sound engineering advice.

Specialised products, and experienced engineers

We manufacture bespoke equipment and build-to-print parts, while our experienced naval riggers work with contractors worldwide to deliver safe systems that meet every relevant standard.

And through that experience, our engineers have come to understand the complexities of defence engineering work – for example, the importance of a lightweight, compact solution in an operational setting, or how to site equipment to facilitate multi-role craft.

The tailored support defence organisations need

Because we know the pressures that military engineers and procurement professionals work under, we deliver responsive, flexible support to keep your assets in service, and your projects on track.

If you’re looking for a strategic partner, you’ll find we combine the in-depth knowledge of a true specialist with the breadth and capability to help you rationalise your supply.


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