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Height Safety Inspections

Under the Working at Height Regulations, you have a legal duty to ensure your fall protection equipment is inspected on a regular basis. And with working at height a key issue for health and safety officials, it’s essential to take those responsibilities seriously.

Even a small cut in a lanyard can reduce its strength by up to 40%, so choosing an experienced height safety engineer – who knows what to look for – is an essential precaution.

Several pieces of legislation emphasise the need to keep your height safety measures in good repair:

Meanwhile, BS EN 365:2004 says that all PPE for working at height should be examined at least once a year – and some manufacturers recommend this should be more often.

Qualified engineers; compliant process

Our qualified height safety engineers have all been trained by safety equipment manufacturers to spot signs of degradation. And we employ a standard inspection methodology, designed to satisfy:

That means you can have peace of mind – that your height safety equipment is protecting your people as it should, and that you have clear evidence of a compliant inspection regime.


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Bournemouth: +44 (0) 1202 828700 Bodmin: +44 (0) 1208 264162