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Cruise ship operators need to get the utmost value whenever there’s a test engineer on board. Our multi-skilled engineers are qualified in lifting, height safety, means of access and LSA tests – and we’re trusted by leading cruise corporations worldwide.

A single cruise ship can easily have more than 1,000 items of lifting plant, and every piece has its own schedule for annual inspections and five-yearly tests. To keep track of them all, 80% of the world’s cruise ships use our LEMS software.

As well as making it quick and easy to gather evidence for audit purposes, LEMS allows easy access for shoreside, Class, and our own engineering team. It gives the engineer a clear view, in advance, of exactly what needs to be done on each visit – so they arrive with exactly the right equipment, and can work quickly and efficiently.

Extensive cruise ship experience

Our experience with cruise ships in particular means we’ll work safely, and communicate well with your ship’s own engineers. We’re also used to the challenges posed by specialised equipment – such as theatre gear, platforms and pontoons, and Skycon window washing systems – that are rare on other kinds of vessel.

And because of our multiple skillset, cruise operators can ask one marine lifting engineer to inspect or test means of access, height safety and LSA equipment alongside their lifting gear. Using one engineer improves efficiency, and prevents allocating multiple cabin berths.

Simplifying processes, saving money

Our network of international marine lifting engineers work to a clear, compliant methodology. This means large cruise operators can standardise a coherent set of testing arrangements, worldwide – and have confidence they comply with all the relevant international regulations. We’re often travelling through major cruise hubs, so we regularly arrange two and three-ship plans.

We’re delighted to work with Carnival Corporation, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Disney, alongside many other cruise lines. We look forward to talking with you.

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